Friday, December 5, 2008

Letter Writing hour

I read about this blogger
across the ocean and when
she write letters. She wrote
about the art of Christmas
cards! I've gotten some in
the mail , mainly because
of my surgery on Monday.
I'm usually not this early.
So when do you write letters?
Mine are written in the morning,
after reading God's word. It brings
me something to say! I
always have my journal
there because I love quotes. If
I'm pressed to get a note out,
I will do it when time opens up
anytime of the day. Sometimes
Sunday afternoon is quiet and
that makes me feel creative.
I love magazine envelopes !
Just don't know how to keep
all of it sorted so there are piles
in nooks and crannies in my home!
Nurse Helga ( my sister ) is coming
next weekend . Those good works
God has ordained in Eph. 2:10!


melissa said...

Will have you in my thoughts and prayers this weekend as you prepare to get ready for your surgery.

Glad it's not 'right' before Christmas!

Love to you!

walking said...

I pray God will guide the hands operating on you!!!

I usually do Christmas cards every other year (it's just the way it works out). I usually do them in the evening. Usually, we do a letter, but this year we are writing long notes by hand to the people who are not in the loop about our daily lives.

Bonnie said...

THANKS to both of you!
Emma will be my secretary online so
maybe she'll post something about
my new hip! God is good. My brother and his wife ( nurse in OR) will be there but not working on me! God's grace abounds.


Gail said...

We'll work on all of these things next weekend. Those magazine clippings just need a folder. Easy as that. I LOVE Christmas cards mostly for the notes inside. A card that is simply signed has much less meaning. I also LOVE communicating with those folks that we don't hear from during the year. It's a special time for catching up. I'll see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Dear one, I know that the nearness of God is yours today. I pray for strength for today and joy in this journey..You bless me.