Thursday, February 21, 2008

Those Tags

Will post some Valentine's Tea Party
photos soon, when we get them off the
camera and onto this computer! A dear
friend gave a tea which included an
invitation to Emma to invite two friends.
AND another friend who did the same thing.
They all dressed up and had lunch on
a beautifully set table . After eating ,they
made tiny boxes from old greeting cards.
The ones on the table held M&M's.
So we came home to hunt for old
greeting cards which I do have! Always
think I can do something with them .
Well prepared! Emma has made them
all week.

Today I tore apart a soft ,wine wool
jacket from Goodwill, gotten on my wool
hunt during the tea. It is the color of a
deep French Merlot and the sheep must
have been so , so soft. You want to sleep
on this wool. Only two large buttons
on this gorgeous jacket.
They went into my button jar with all the
buttons from the other
jackets and skirts for this hooked rug.
The TAG said MADE in MOLDOVA. Now
only if you know someone who has been there
would you know where this country is. AND
I do. Mission trip last summer.
This may help:

Location of Moldova
Location of Moldova (orange)

General map of Moldova

I'm saving the tags for her!

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