Monday, February 4, 2008

Giving Someone Something They Want

Another book story is brewing.
Saturday, a friend in Tenn. called
me out of the blue and in the
midst of catching up , she told me
the title of a good girl book.
Journey for a Princess by Margaret
Leighton. She was going to order a "not
so good copy" because you know out
of print books can be costly. SO after
dinner, I got online to search. I found a
reasonably priced one and ordered it.
Later I thought to myself,
"What if this was HER book?"
I emailed her to ask her . It wasn't from
the particular bookstore, she emailed back.
I just had a person's name , not a bookstore
from the online used books site.
WELL, tonight they emailed confirmation of
posting and there it was: THE name of the
bookstore. I had also seen one on another
site which was double the $$,
but still way under the 50.00 starting
point of most of the copies. She had even called
the bookstore and they were so sorry it had
been sold 4 hours earlier. She
said " Oh , that's a friend. She's going to read
it and send it to me!"

SO I called her tonight to say how
good God is. I now have two of this book
coming! One is for her ( now a gift from me)
and one for me. Now I will see which copy is
better and of course, good friends give
the better to the other!

The story is about King Alfred's daughter.
The first King of England's princess!

Another book story. There are others.

Journey for a Princess (Junior Literary Guild Selection)

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