Monday, February 11, 2008

Being Human

The house got painted with
a few minor changes. It looks

The rug making got started!
My coop kids loved it and got
further than we had hoped.
They are hooking. Mine still
sits undone ~~ it will this
week. I have a day off on

Valentine's are being made.

The title comes from my mind.
I had sent a student some infor-
mation on her old email, so went
into the Address Book and saw
so many names. People I don't know!
"Being Human" means I should know
them to have them in my address book.
It's the title of a really good book too.
Being Human by Ranald Macaulay
and Jerram Barrs. I saw the two of
them , two Brits, walking very fast,
long-time friends , at the 50th
Anniversary L'Abri Conference. I've heard
them both several times. It's now back
in print! YEAH!

From the back cover:

Who is right about what it means to be human?

The Greeks envisioned an ideal humanity. Their ethereal sculptures depict a transcendent, spiritual model. But today many scientists view human beings as mere machines. And some believe we will be able to make machines with human-like intelligence in the near future.

The biblical view of humanity is different from both of these. For the writers of Scripture, to be human is to be in the image of God.

Being Human The Nature of Spiritual Experience Jerram Barrs Ranald MacCaulay


Rhondi said...

Hi Bonnie I am here from a link with Dotsie. Turns out she was the nurse when My pastor Steven Furtick and his wife Holly had their baby! Small world! I just stopped by to say hi but when I have time I'm coming back to read some of your previous posts.
I love the banner picture!. Karl Larsson is one of my favorite artists. I'll be back again.

Bonnie said...

Hi ~~ yes, a small world, but not
so in the Kingdom of God! I found your blog this weekend. Will post on it ~~ lovely photos!