Monday, September 24, 2007

Letters.....real ones

Last week the mail brought a handmade card to Welcome Autumn.This week, the mail brought another handmade card, made by the daughter of a new friend in Tenn. We met in June at the Childlight Conference. She writes:

"Funny about hand-written real honest to goodness letters---there is not the immediacy of email or the casualness of the note dashed off into cyberspace. No, a letter must be more composed, deliberate, intentional, significant. What a weight is upon me now that I have begun!"

Those who know me know my passion for letters, and books!
My third son, freshman in college, is writing a comparison
paper on Letters vs. Email. His choice of comparisons. You should get one of his letters! True Story! Any thoughts on the subject?

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deniseja9 said...

Beautiful art. What is it called?