Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Coolness of Autumn

The Sabbath started with cooler weather ! That makes my husband
in a good mood!
I wrote that I have 4 boys, but actually they are all men ~~ their sizes, their height, their
minds and hearts, and maybe the 4th is becoming one. He's 15 and has his learner's permit. Sometimes I'm amazed that they grew up!

Today I copied an entry in Edges of His Ways by Amy Carmichael about interruptions to
put in a letter. It is about Broken Pieces. Amy writes:

" In the morning we put our day in the Lord's hands. Then we began to do His work, but were not able to do nearly as much as we had hoped. Interruptions came and broke up our plans, and the evening found us a little disappointed. ...The Story of the Five Thousand speaks of 'broken pieces' ....and yet of those fragments ( leftover) our Lord said, Gather them up that nothing be lost. EVEN SO, the Lord cares for the broken pieces of our lives, the fragments of all we meant to do, the little we have to gather up and offer, and He will use even those fragments. He will not let even the least of our little broken things be lost."

A missionary friend sent me a ziplock bag of broken pieces of an Ostrich egg, when I sent her this in the mail perhaps more than 10 years ago. She had watched the broken pieces give life that morning. I still have that bag to remind me of God's goodness in redemption. How quickly I think that broken pieces in my days and interruptions are fragments , yet, God uses them !

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melissa said...

You know, I like that I can find you here!

Hope your week is panning out nicely. ;)