Wednesday, October 26, 2016

cold upon us..

This is a glorious time of the year.  Busyness with our business is  like this squirrel gathering winter food. Sometimes it is  pressing on to  what is next and remembering others like birthdays and simmering tea to keep us going. Sigh.
Lessons to plan and books to read so lessons can happen.  

Feeling sighs but so glad at this time of the year the world is and will be turning 
majestic colors.

- Heading up to the mts. on friday to attend this retreat:

Grace to Build 

- Rooming with Liz from Living Books Library

. Heat is not working well in the house. Having it worked on today. New heat pump in the summer but not doing well with heat. It runs and runs. The workman is here today, 

- and prayer... do not forget the strength of the Lord and needing his help and transforming your mind and heart. 

- Hoping also to turn around and go to this with some students just for the day on Tuesday. 

Montreat College 

- really good post for teachers here from Nancy


melissa said...

No countdown. Please no!

Heather said...

I'm not sure what the post from Nancy is? Sage Parnassus or another Nancy?
So glad you were able to go to Grace to Build. One of these times, I hope to make it to one of these events.