Sunday, September 4, 2016


This is the month for school. I listened one morning early to see if there were any buses coming into our neighborhood. Most of the kids have grown up. There was the hum...
and it was so early. Not being a morning person, I thanked the Lord I didn't have to get up way so early when I was young. This year I start my classes at 10:00 or 11:00 depending
on which day. There is a peacefulness already to the pace. 

I am very thankful for a British educator: Charlotte Mason. I wish I had gone to one of her schools. I always wanted my own children to go to a PNEU school. The best they got was me and then the books of teachers like Shakespeare, etc... 

I guess the best news around here is that a baby granddaughter is coming in Feb.  

 ( from the murmuring cottage)
untitled by gg.ranee on Flickr.


podso said...

A girl!!

Heather said...

So exciting!!!!
Our next-door neighbor works at a daycare downtown in the city. She also has her small child which she takes to a home daycare close to her work. (She says the kids at her daycare are too rough for her little girl.)
They leave their house at 6am every weekday morning and (I hear them if our windows are open which they usually are) and do not return until 5:30pm-ish My heart breaks for them both, but it is a lifestyle choice.
I pray for them often as I hear her little voice talking in the now dark mornings.
I am myself an early riser and so are our children, but having to be out of your house every day at 6am seems so harsh and of course, long.

GretchenJoanna said...

A baby granddaughter is cause for rejoicing every day until she emerges, and continuing. So lovely to anticipate. I'm very happy for you!

melissa said...

Meant to comment about your new little love coming after the new year. Wonderful news, my dear friend.