Monday, September 26, 2016

Robert Browning's words

It was these 3 lines in bold  that sparked my soul this morning from The Cloud of Witness.
I found these part is from a Robert Browning poem called " Christmas Eve."
Christmas Eve is when my first son was born, very early in the morning so I labored 
on December 23rd. My mama's heart being fed by the Holy Spirit. 

"God who registers the cup
"Of mere cold water, for his sake
"To a disciple rendered up,

"Disdains not his own thirst to slake
"At the poorest love was ever offered:
"And because my heart I proffered,
"With true love trembling at the brim,
"He suffers me to follow him
"For ever, my own way,--dispensed
"From seeking to be influenced
"By all the less immediate ways
"That earth, in worships manifold,
"Adopts to reach, by prayer and praise,
"The garment's hem, which, lo, I hold!"

 suffers: To endure; to support; to sustain; not to sink under.
Our spirit and strength entire,
Strongly to suffer and support our pains.

To allow; to permit; not to forbid or hinder. Will you suffer yourself to be insulted?
suffer them to enter and possess.
Thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbor, and not suffer sin upon him. Lex.19.

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