Monday, June 20, 2016

onto the week

The weekend was filled with delicious cooler days with less humidity. 
It felt like we were up North. There was plenty of time in Saturday and Sunday
to rest and have things come up without feeling like I was tipping over. Maybe 
it is the weather that lifts the soul. A friend told me about a counseling session 
and being told that in the busyness, her soul is not right. "A well-ordered soul,"
was my response. My daughter had a philosophy class this last semester 
and had a wonderful discussion on the subject as her professor arrived late
and did not have a well ordered soul. (rushing makes us very frustrated with 
everyone in our path!!) So my friend and I left the coffee shop pondering
" a well ordered soul" from Plato and Aristotle , no less.

Good things to read on the net that I am catching up on this week: 

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