Wednesday, June 15, 2016

a something in a summer's day

Emily Dickinson wrote those words. Maybe she meant to look for God's new mercies. 
They are new every morning. I spent a year training myself to look for them as the 
days unfolded. I forget now to notice unless I am really praying for his mercy for 
a particular prayer - asking- pleading-telling God my needs when I know He knows-
waiting.....and Emily finishes her poem:

Contented, known, before        30
The heaven unexpected came,
To lives that thought their worshipping
A too presumptuous psalm.

 photo found here

There are many words here to prick the 
 and awaken the heart like the beauty of this photo: unexpected.
Unexpected Grace... our hearts yearnings.
Christ's business. He gives and wows us
even when we have a presumptuous psalm. 
I have prayed some of those presumptuous psalms. 
Thinking upon Emily's words and heaven unexpected came

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