Tuesday, May 3, 2016

year is winding up

I have been delighted to have 36 students this year. 
17 are high schooler and the rest in two middle school classes.
I have 3 totebags. It was tricky at my old age to remember to 
move a book to the other totebag. All classes did Plutarch: Poplicola ( firstRoman consul after the wicked King Tarquin is exiled ) The study guide is here
Two of the classes who meet more often did Philopoemen who lived in the last days of Ancient Greece while Rome was flourishing.
The study guide is here.

Two classes did THE TAMING OF THE SHREW.
Two classes are winding up JULIUS CAESAR.

Middle School Classes did dictations from OURSELVES, vol 4. We learned 
the Lords in Waiting of Love. 

My high school class is English Composition, Literature, Picture Study, and this 
year I added Plutarch and Architecture Notebooks. We used this book for 
Architecture which is out of print and shown images from the internet or Kahn Academy of the places. We also used Hallliburton's :

Architecture Shown to the Children by Gladys Wynne

I have witnessed many of Charlotte Mason's principles to be true.
I have had one "chatty" class of middle schoolers that made me 
reach into wisdom from Scripture more deeply. I do realize they 
are young but need to learn to respect others. Raising hands is a new 
concept for them. Middle School moms need assurance also. 

Principle #8: 
8. In saying that "education is a life," the need of intellectual and moral as well as of physical sustenance is implied. The mind feeds on ideas, and therefore children should have a generous curriculum.

8. "Education is a life" means that education should apply to body, soul and spirit. The mind needs ideas of all kinds, so the child's curriculum should be varied and generous with many subjects included.


podso said...

I will go back to read more of Architecture shown to the children. I especially enjoying St Sophia and to think that I have been there! Such amazing history (not me being there). Sounds like your year is finishing well and then maybe some rest...

Bonnie said...

You are so blessed to have been there!