Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Romans 7

NOTES from Tim Keller sermon from 2006:

When you first become married, your entire life revolves around your spouse but so does your self-image and your self understanding, your self-regard   is massively reprogramed by your spouse.Your self image is the product of what everyone says about you. Your parents have said things about you, your siblings have said things about you,

your friends, your parents, your teachers , your coaches, People have been saying things about you all your life. They say you are good , they say you are bad. You cull out of that a feeling of who you are. what you are good at or bad at BUT when you get married because of the power of the relationship of marriage, you can look into the face of your spouse and your spouse can overturn what everybody is saying about you. In the face of your spouse, you can have your entire self-image reprogrammed. IN other words if everyone calls you ugly but your spouse looks at you and says you are beautiful, you feel beautiful.  Your spouse has that kind of power to massively reprogram your self image, self-understanding, and your self-worth.

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