Tuesday, January 26, 2016

ok... getting more time

I just finally was able to renew for a library audio book that I can't find  and this is the greatest sense of GRACE.  Someone had a hold on it but there were several copies and tonight I renewed my lost copy. I have until Feb. 16th to find it. 

Ok.This sense of relief of having more time to look for something is full of freedom and a taste of GRACE that is so sweet. 

I do have one " bonus" cd that was in my car cd player so today  the librarian said to 
listen to it and then maybe I will find the whole audio book. Hmmm... I was checking to see if I had turned it in. 

Thinking Christmas did something to it with all the comings and goings and packings and cleanings and all that glittery stuff. 

Her e it is  this: ( listened to some  just because it is Lorelai , ok , I love Gilmore Girls --re the book she wrote because I love her speech and acting 

( one of my favorite scenes called :  I SMELL SNOW which my daughter texted me this weekend from NYC as the snow fell )


Heather said...

My very real and unexpected addiction to binge-watching the Gilmore Girls last fall has left me a bit scared about watching her other great series, Parenthood. But an audio book sounds innocent and harmless. Found it on my library and listened to the excerpt you linked. I hope it doesn't cause too much of a relapse... :)

Bonnie said...

I haven't watched her new series but I am told it is good. New episodes coming and being filmed now.