Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2 0 1 6

Here we are in 2016.  did write it correctly while dating a thank you note. will take me a while to remember. I do  like 16. 

Back in the saddle: The Odyssey one more time...wth another group of high schoolers.
Daughter still home until Sunday. Bought school supplies today which included lotion and 

I loved this quote  today: 

What great wealth our culture has lost in losing the fear of the Lord. This is not an ugly fear that chokes or diminishes. It is a fear that opens us up, expands us, deepens us, makes us curious, makes us visionary, makes us capable of receiving beauty we can hardly imagine. (Rebecca Reynolds)

Here is a very good list of books that my friend Liz read last year. She is blind. Period.
Writes for The Story Warren too. I read a few of the books to her via my audio file on my
 phone but I am so impressed. Some titles are what she read out loud to her two youngest
 sons. I found a few titles I want to read. How's your stack this New Year?

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melissa said...

I hear you. When I wrote out my mom's checks last week, I had to pause over each and every one with the dates. :)

Hope your visit with sweet Emma was a joy...silly me. Of course it was.

Hugs, Bonnie.