Monday, November 2, 2015

rainy Monday

Getting ready last night for 12 ladies to come for Book Club and then two couldn't make it this morning. So the corner places got swept off and that left 10. We will be 14 if all come now. I am so thrilled to have a group of ladies who love to read. We discussed Amy Carmichael:

It rained and has kept on raining so more of a morning to stay home and read. But they came under umbrellas and needed tea and coffee. A dear friend with Wycliffe Bible Translators led the discussion via Skype from Germany. 
Another dear friend gave us a wonderful update on Lilias Trotter movie coming out: Many Beautiful Things

Notice the narrator?
Michelle  Dockery...Lady Mary from Downton Abbey. 
She is in Wilmington,NC right now filming something. 


melissa said...

So glad you had your get-together. :) I always pretend to be there. Anxious to hear of what the newest book will be. Might read along! Btw, pretty table, of course.

Unknown said...

I so wish I could be in your AMY CARMICHAEL book study! Wow! :) I too can't wait to see the Lilias Trotter movie...

I like lurking around your blog, thought I'd say hi.


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I am so looking forward to the Lilias Trotter movie, having read her bio and some other works. I hope it comes to our area. Did you know she and Amy Carmichael became good friends via correspondence? They have been linked in my mind since I discovered that little fact. Amy's bio by Elizabeth Eliot was very good too. So much to learn from both of these godly women. Isn't it wonderful to have such fine examples to emulate and learn from. Glory be to God.

Heather said...

So much richness! Thanks for mentioning about the book and the movie. I didn't know anything about the movie until now. Always love your posts.

Bonnie said...

Hello new friends. I am so glad to meet each of you and will venture into your blogs
to get to know you!