Saturday, November 14, 2015

I think I forgot

I have a blog!

I have been to a Retreat ( actually spoke at it)
and drove many friends  : Nancy ( from the airport) and a friend of Liz from the airport but her flight was cancelled out of Kansas City so Liz and I had to drive down from this
Retreat in the Mts. on Saturday after the High School Immersion workshop and then back 
again up to Ridgecrest. 

Finished grading many wonderful stories my students turned a few weeks ago. 

And now my daughter is home for a postponed Fall Break. Soul care. 

Watching the movie Momento which my daughter has to watch for a class.
Comparing it to Plato's Republic. ( also can compare  The Truman Show)
This assignment because he had to cancel class. 

More on the immersion session and more on this weekend. 
So thankful for so many things that finally are being answered. 


Jenny said...


I'd like to subscribe to your posts but when I click on "subscribe" it's just a screen of code. Any suggestions? I found you when I was doing an image search of " Thanksgiving paintings" and your 2010 post of the Millet painting came up.


Bonnie said...

Jenny, I will have to fix that! I haven't utilized it yet. My. Just oh my.