Tuesday, December 30, 2014

almost the end of a year

Everyone is gone. 
Christmas company and family gatherings.

Honoring Turner with the blog headliner painting.
New movie out: Mr. Turner
and hope to see it this weekend.

Today we saw a coyote in our backyard.
Quite weird when my oldest brother asked what was in the backyard
and then we all said , "A wolf?" " Coyote?"
Good thing our cat was inside.

It has been a good holiday. 
Another brother got out of the hospital yesterday after 
a severe fall about a month ago. He has broken ribs, shoulder,
and sternum to heal. We visited him on Sunday for 3 hours.
So good for my soul. 

My kids came over on Christmas morning in Onesies.
Yes, 6'5" guys in onesies. It was Christmas cheer.
They made us breakfast even with mimosas! 
It was  one of those Proverbs 31 days when your children
rise up and bless you! 

Needing sleep. How about you?
Are you sleeping in?

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