Thursday, September 25, 2014

Updates on favorite authors

Wendell Berry in American Conservative: Where have the young  farmers  gone?

As Wendell Berry points out inRemembering and other books, the modern industrialized farm is isolating and stringently efficient, cutting the beauty, diversity, and community out of farming in favor of profit. 

Wendell Berry At Kentucky Book Fair, 15 November 2014

Wendell Berry will attend the 2014 Kentucky Book Fair and sign copies of his latest title, Distant Neighbors: The Selected Letters of Wendell Berry and Gary Snyder.

Meeting Wendell Berry recently : here ( and not me, I did in May) Good quotes: 

I first observed from Berry the necessity to treat writing as a discipline.  

Wendell Berry to speak in Atlanta on November 7th. 

SAMLA 86: Sustainability and the Humanities

Jan Karon is done being on the road with Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good

Excerpt from Mary Oliver's book coming out next month: Blue Horses

“The Hummingbirds”
In this book
there are many hummingbirds—
the blue-throated, the bumblebee, the calliope,
the cinnamon, the Lucifer, and of course
the ruby-throated.
Well, that’s all you can do.
For they’re swift as the wind
and they fly, not across the pages but,
like many shy and other-wordly things,
between them.
I know you’ll keep looking now that I’ve told you.
I’m hungry to see them too, but I can’t
hold them back even for a moment, they’re
busy, as all things are, with their own lives.
So all I can do is let you know
they’re here somewhere.
All I can do is tell you
by putting my own hunger on the page.

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