Monday, August 4, 2014



We turned the page of the calendar and many books over the weekend.
I went in and out of town and brought back books. New and old. 
I almost have first semester planned. Well, I am one who grabs onto ideas
right when I am doing something or about, so I have a list of books, paintings,
composition books, geography books, and rereading our summer read: 

I am halfway done with Jerram Barrs' Children's Literature course from Covenant Seminary. 
I have a few books to read for it before I move on. 

"And I remember how, as the days and the winds passed over, the foliage shifted and sang." 

from the Murmuring Cottage


melissa said...

The class sounds going to look into something there. I do appreciate you sharing. :)

I told one of our sons, who's interested in youth mission work...inner city folks. He wants me to forward the link.

Bonnie said...

Yes. Keep on , my friend!