Wednesday, August 14, 2013

you know...

How a day can be so full?
You know how a day seems to have more things in it than you ever
thought in the morning as you drink coffee or tea?
I thought about this at 4:00 after an hour on the phone with my husband 
( on speaker ) and  medical benefits to straighten out why I am not on my
 husband's  policy now that he has retired. I thought about how many
people we talked to,even back to my brother's ( PA Orthopaedist) office to take care of a bill. When I got back to them , I  made that lady laugh which tickled me.
We both just laughed and laughed. 
 I also had to talk to another office for my # for this right hip recall. SO I thought also about what people do for a living everyday. 
Problem solving. Just have to laugh. 
All is almost straightened out.
So how was your day?

It felt like the scene in Julie & Julia where Julie is answering calls from 9/11
and she is crying. I almost did today, even though everyone was being helpful.

Son is doing well minus wisdoms..........praying for some to come from 
the "fear of the Lord" and his mouth to heal. He has been eating soup,
soft ice cream, grits, scrambled eggs, soup, mashed potatoes, soup...!


melissa said...

Oh Bonnie...what a day for you. But I got tripped up on the "right hip recall" comment. What's up with that? Do they want it back?????


Nancy Kelly said...

Hugs to you. And yes, what do you mean by the hip comment?

Bonnie said...

It's makers, Johnson & Johnson, have had some cases where is found defective.... is fine but needs to be checked yearly.

Bonnie said...
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