Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Sabbath afternoon with Golden Sea

Makoto Fujimura's GOLDEN SEA came this week. It was part of  a Kickstarter campaign. 
So I spent this afternoon with the book , drinking in the beautiful words, and copies of 

" The process of painting then, mirrors my deeper struggle to return the gifts back to the Creator."

Golden Sea was a canvas on the side of his NY studio that he painted after the intensity of 
doing the 400th KJV Illuminated Bible for Crossway.

                                                                      Golden Sea

                                                                Grace Justified

                                                                   Grace Psalm

                                                                   Grace Foretold

                                                                   Grace Hour

                                                                    Tree Grace

                                                              Sacrificial Grace


melissa said...

What a lovely book. The paintings are very restful, aren't they?

You might share more glimpses of your house one day. Ahem. :)

podso said...

M.'s comment about your house is funny! I can appreciate your appreciation of his art and it is serene and restful and the color combinations are amazing, but I have never been able to "understand" this kind of art. I'm probably too much of a realist!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

They are all beautiful, and must be something special seen in person. I think Tree Grace is my favorite.