Friday, June 28, 2013

Eric Metaxas: new book

I finished Eric Metaxas' book Amazing Grace last fall and have Bonhoeffer  in a summer reading stack.I read Socrates in the City last year.  When I saw this book for BOOKSNEEZE review, I knew I wanted to read it. I have readother books on great men in history , but I wanted to read Metaxas' analysis of who and why he choose the men:

 George Washington: our 1st President , see what is new to learn in the book
William Wilberforce: fought against slave trade in England, plus lived among a community that 
worked towards reformation : Clapham
 Eric Liddell:  Olympian runner and missionary
Dietrich Bonhoeffer:; pastor and theologian who stood up against Hitler
Jackie Robinson: broke the color code in Major League baseball
 Pope John Paul II: fought against abortion and homosexuality
 Chuck Colson: transformed life from Watergate to prison ministry ( Metaxas knew him personally)

 The author gives you permission to skip around in the book. Each chapter stand alone as well as together because each man had heart and courage to do what they were called to do which flowed out of their leadership and strength. " This is God's idea of strength, to have a heart like a lion." It is the courage to lead when it costs you to do so and to rise above your circumstances. We need to stand on the shoulders of great heroes. We need to build the vision  and relationship of the lessons of history into the next generation. Metaxas places these biographies in the tradition of Plutarch's Lives and Foxes Book of Martyrs. Thus, he writes intending to hold up the conduct and character including what not to emulate. We are to learn from the past , apply the lessons to today and the future. I could add many more men to the list. You will like to find the "secret of their greatness." Even if you know half of the men, you will learn more. Greatly researched by Metaxas!

I am a fan of Eric Metaxas. I would highly recommend this book to high school students and adults.
I have already given a copy as a gift. Invest in the next generation by doing the same.
I highly recommend this book and any by Eric Metaxas.

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Gail said...

He has been on Focus on the Family in the mornings talking about this book. Sounds like a good one.