Tuesday, June 25, 2013

and the next week....

Last week , we went to help #3 son and his wife move just down the major highway that 
crosses from the East Coast to the West Coast but this was just in Knoxville to Oak Ridge.
Wonderful new place to live and make into a home. Temporary as an apt but the time there
is not temporary but real and concrete and life. It will be a place of many memories. 
I say that because it has a view over a lake or part of a river. I just couldn't figure out what 
the body of water was! It will bring contemplation. 

Now I am decluttering ( yeah from  those who live here or lived here, namely my children)
and getting ready for #4 son to get back on Sunday from a month on an internship to Hawaii.
He is mapping submarine groundwater discharge (SGD), aka the seeps. which today is with fancy devices but still he is outdoors with gorgeous nature. So glad we did so much Nature Study in his growing up years.
He's using a quad copter with a camera, a GPS receiver, and ground penetrating radab. It may get bigger if you click on it. It may stay this small. Proud and fascinated.

I started reading this book while Emma got her haircut and am halfway done. 
It cooled off to sit out on the porch as the day closed her lights out. 
The Gift of Ordinary Days by Katrina Kenison

 I just saw her two sons who she writes about in their 
teenage years. She captures a time I am past with just the youngest , a girl, after
4 sons. But it is good to reflect and have words to those days. 
I recommend it. 

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podso said...

This book sounds so familiar . . .
I know you are proud of that boy. Of all your kids.