Friday, April 5, 2013

Review of the week

It was a good week with April showers and chilly weather which today  warmed
up with more  hints of Spring. Color is bursting forth on trees and more flowers blooming. 
Today was a funeral of a neighbor's dad. Sudden death in some ways and a beautiful
service which he planned. I didn't know him but know his daughter and her family. 
He will be missed. I missed my parents , especially my mom, as my eyes filled with tears 
just about loss. Thinking about those who lost loved ones recently. Prayed for them.

Emma is working on a handmade journal from this book

Aren't they beautiful! The link  goes to Google Books so you can peek in many pages.  It is in 
our public library.  Here is Jeannine's blog.  Plus lots of bookbinding crafts here.

My evening book was this:

Dinner was made from here: potatoes and kale.  Deborah's blog is here.   Here she is from 
the New York Times yesterday : Cooking Asparagus and an Onion Tart She has a video chat
on April 16th! I love all the information in this book about vegetables. This is a cookbook and gardening book to read. She also has recipes. Might need to buy this book. She choose 12 plant families whose edible members are most familar at the table. 

 Deborah's writing style is beautiful: 

I am a beginner. I make a lot of mistake. I plant too much of one thing and not enough of another. 
I plant too many seeds too close together, then hate to thin because I'm so amazed that they came
up at all. I disregarded the advice of experienced gardeners and planted Jerusalem artichokes and now I have to deal with their excesses, At the end of the season, I scatter the dross collected in my seed basket into the garden ad darned if the contents don't come up the following spring, even those that didn't when I followed the directions on the packets. It's all mystifying. 

As a beginning gardener, I join forces with all the millions of others who have been inspired for one reason or another to try to grow something. .... The garden is an unending source of the miraculous, a joy that transforms our cooking and increases our pleasure at least a thousandfold.

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walking said...

This would be a great handicraft for reading a biography on Michael Faraday (which we happen to be doing). He was apprenticed to a bookbinder....