Thursday, April 4, 2013

Persecuted: Book Review

It is quite revealing to see the letter "T" be the cross in the word Persecuted.. Here it is the week after Easter and I have this book in my hands. It is difficult to stomach the horrors worldwide to
 our brothers and sisters in Christ. Eric Metaxas writes in the Forward : these stories will and
 should  shake us. But let them all speak to your heart and drive you to "be anxious for nothing,"
 but to pray in faith, knowing God covets our prayers for those he loves. ...May the Lord
 deeply bless you through it." I had to hold my heart and tears reading about Communist countries, tyranny, repression, policies of persecution, war, and terrorism where the light of the 
Gospel is so dim and violently oppressed. Those called to those places are more than
 brave.  They are called. I hadn't thought  about the Lord coveting your prayers for His
 loved ones  in tragic danger. 

This book will put you on your knees. We rarely hear or read of these casualties. They are real. 
It is a pattern of violence all over the world. I highly recommend this book . It will be what Eric Metaxas says : a profoundly important and inspiring book. It will inspire you to pray most of all. Very, very, 
very important prayers for our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

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podso said...

thanks for the review. how true--the book helps to put our lives in perspective with the rest of the world,