Wednesday, March 13, 2013

To Be in Bath

Wish I had been able to tuck myself in my son's suitcase on Saturday. 
 He is on Spring Break with his Honors King Arthur Literature class in England. 
He can email. Just short ones to keep his mom happy. 
I gave him a list of anything English to bring back. I was in England 
in my college days but now I am more well read. He is more read than I was too!
Today was Winchester Cathedral. My husband kept singing the tune today. 
If you know him , my husband  sings when he talks. Yea, just sings his sentences into tunes. 
We are very used to hearing answers in some sort of tune! I told my husband to join the church choir. 
He did. Easter is St John's Passion by Bach. 

and King Arthur's Round Table is here:


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podso said...

I know you wish you were there. Now I'm thinking we should plan a trip to Bath celebrate something!