Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

                                     Christ Carrying the Cross , Martin Schongauer

                                              Rembrandt's The Three Crosses

A friend turns 60 today. A friend may be a grandmother today again.  A company sent my son gas $ for interviewing for a summer internship. ( which he took another offer) I waited for Hot Cross Buns fresh from Great Harvest Bread. Great hope filling this day as we look to the cross. 

 All my married sons will be sharing Easter with their brides families.That leaves two here and a smaller Easter in many years. Have a very , very wonderfulworship on Sunday : Resurrection Day.  Christ is Risen!   Alleluia !

We sang The Power of the Cross last night for Maundy Thursday during communion.. My heart 
lifted up so powerfully. May yours this Easter: 

                                                       Keith and Kristyn Getty

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podso said...

Enjoy the quietness of your Easter this year. Thank you for the card. Yes the empty seat ... first holiday in many years. Tears. Thanks Bonnie. But yes, the joy of a new life!