Monday, August 13, 2012

Thinking of blogging

This blogging is a different sort of writing! 
I'm sure YOU as a blogger have this feeling when something strikes you that you have to BLOG it. 

It happened today at the DMV getting Emma's Driver's Permit.  We drove out of Charlotte to the next smaller city : Monroe. Line too long. We drove out of Monroe to a tiny town: Polkton. There, we did have to wait BUT the two DMV ladies were worth the wait and drive. I had stepped into the pages of Jan Karon's Mitford! Truly, they knew almost everyone who was from the town and asked how their wife was and how so-and-so was. One of the ladies came back from lunch SO MAD at the waitresses. She is a regular , you see. I laughed  as she exclaimed that  she had to get another waitress who knew what she wanted! The whole waiting room was listening. It was a small office so we heard everything, even the ones renewing, changing names ( a newly married young girl with her young husband ~~ who got teased to death that he was needed for the FEE), and getting new licenses.   "Miss Emma" passed. That is who she was today with the wonderful DMV lady who helped you with the signs if you couldn't really figure them out. 
Miss  Emma knew them. She just finished Driver's Ed. Saturday so everything was fresh. 

Did she drive home? Actually no. It was highway driving and alot of trucks so she will drive to the grocery store soon.

I felt like writing down everything they said and getting out my phone for pictures! Blogging moment hit. 

Emma ( in  green lace dress) with 4 other students of mine at the middle one's Graduation Party yesterday. She is going to SCAD. #4 from Emma is going to New College Franklin.

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podso said...

How nice that this special moment in time had such color to it. You could probably write a short story on the experience! Just today I was looking at my first altered book and there was Emma's little drawings and writings in it and bits about her love of fairies! Probably 8 years ago! My, now she is driving.