Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break almost

When you homeschool and takes classes outside of the house,  Breaks do not fall at the same time except at Christmas. So 
Emma is finishing up a test for her teacher.  You can see Emma
in class which is Beth's kitchen. I only imagine learning biology that way. I might have fallen in love with it. No, don't think so but I do know that if I had read biographies and living books I would have 
enjoyed it more. Emma does. 

Cow's eyes here.  

And from her blog ( hope it's ok to copy this Beth!!?)

In biology class lately, we have dissected flowers ...

and a sheep uterus.  You might not have wanted to know about that last one.  Despite their initial apprehension, my students found this one really fascinating.


beth said...

Thanks, Bonnie. It's been such a good year with these students. I've learned so much, too!

walking said...

Doing science this way stays with you. It's not in one ear/eye and out the other.