Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dreamland: wool yarn, rug hooking, and more

I want to get in the car and drive to the country north of us to  Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada to see this store
I've actually been there on the way to P.E.I. 
Thank you to my sister for sending me the link . 
She called this Dreamland. 



 Heidi Wulfraat :
Something about me….
I grew up roaming the great expanse that was my father’s photography studio.
His business occupied the basement level of a huge brick building on Monkland Avenue in Montreal. While my father staged backdrops, lighting and composition my mother helped with administrative details in the office. Quite literally, I spent all of my preschool days absorbing the open space, the creative air and the entrepreneurial work ethic that played out in front of me.

Home was on the West Island of Montreal, seemingly far from the fast paced inner core.
The, then rural, edge of suburbia provided the great outdoors, gardens and animals, animals, animals. Cats always, dogs often, a never ending parade of orphaned birds, as well as rabbits, frogs, salamanders and so on.
Textiles were prevalent as well. With a European heritage my brothers, my sister and I were all trained in needle tapestry. All the while my live-in grandmother was occupied in the creation of extraordinary embroidery work, that with which she had once made a living, providing for herself and her children upon arrival in Canada.
This was the formative mix that eventually led to London-Wul Fibre Arts. Fibre production allowed to me to raise animals in a no-kill no-sell environment, fed my appetite for textiles and provided me the opportunity to once again, spend my days in a studio. My studio!


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