Friday, June 17, 2011

Living books

Great illustration and here's a link to Valerie's Living Books

who I think is Elizabeth Elliot's daughter.

Also Emily Cottrill and her mother have a lending library but also a wonderful site with great book titles at Living Books Library in VA. Emily has produced the beautiful Picture Study Packets at Simply Charlotte Mason. Gorgeous reproductions.

Has anyone read any biographies by Margaret Vance or Manuel Komroff?


walking said...

I got a chance to look through the Emily's picture study prints. I could not believe how good the quality of them based upon the price. Beautiful and a bargain!!!!!

jmtinsd said...

Bonnie, it would be a lovely thing but Valerie of Valerie's Living books is Valerie Jacobson I believe and not Val Shepherd (sp?), Elisabeth Elliot's daughter. I am sure both are very delightful women!

Amber Benton said...

Not Elizabeth's daughter. That is Valerie Shepard.