Friday, June 24, 2011

Culture: Be Generative

Lots of videos of the IAM
Encounters Conference in
NYC in March here.
Be introduced:

Poet Li-Young Lee's reading:
whose father was personal
assistant to Mao and then fled
to Indonesia and was medical
advisor to Saharto and then fled
to the U.S . He became a pastor
in a small town in western PA.
What a childhood for Li-Young
that comes out in some deeply
moving poetry.

Ian Cron, Episcopal pastor in
Nashville, gives a preview of
his book that just came out :

Jesus, My Father and the CIA

Conversation with Diani Goia:
poet and fighter for the ARTS.

Jeffrey Overstreet, novelist in
Oregon that I hope to read.
He talked on PLAY.

Where is Nigel?!! The actor
who took my imagination
out to the stars as Francis
Schaeffer said a Christian
imagination should do!

Makoto Fujimura on
he talks near the end on
Emily Dickinson.

Encounter 11: Makoto Fujimura on Being Generative

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