Monday, March 21, 2011

Stuck in a New Book

" I have often had the occasion while
walking these hills or kayaking this
lake to reflect on how important
PLACE is in living the Christian faith.
As I let the biblical revelation form my
imagination , geography ~~
this specifically Montana, Flathead
Valley geography ~~ became as important
in orienting me in the "land of the living"
as theology and the Bible did. I was
becoming aware that every detail in the life
of salvation that I was becoming familiar
with in the scriptures took shape in named
places that, with a good map, I can still
locate : Ur and Haran, Bethel and Peniel....
I was learning that every detail in my life
of salvation was taking place ON and IN
a named place......Soil and stone, latitude
and longitude, lakes and mountains,
towns and cities keep a life of faith
grounded, rooted, in PLACE.
But wherever I went, I always ended up
here. This was the geography of my
imagination: the sighting of a pigmy
owl in feathered silence pouncing on a
field mouse on Blacktail Mountain, the
emergence through spring snow of the
first avalanche lilies in Jack's Meadow,
surprising a grizzly bear, the iconic
beast of these mountains, on the Garden
Wall trail. Holy ground, sacred space."


Amber Benton said...

A Sense of Place!

Nancy Kelly said...

Oh...this sounds good...

Brenda Williams said...

How could one become "rooted" and "grounded" without Place?

walking said...

It's funny. People like me who have moved nearly all of their lives categorize memories by place, not dates. :-) Elvis died the day I flew from visiting a friend in Connecticut to Newfoundland, where I spent my high school years. Therefore, I know it was August 1977.