Saturday, March 26, 2011

For GK Chesterton fans

Kevin Belmonte
has written an
absolutely won-
derful biography
on Chesterton
that includes how
his life work: writing~
impacted the culture.
Belmonte has given
the reader a wealth of
original reviews of Chester-
ton's books. Each chapter
on each GKC book gave me
the desire to READ the
ones I haven't read and reread
the ones I have.
It was very well researched!

Chesterton fought against the rising tide of
Modernity at the beginning of the 20th century.
He did it with his pen!
I had not even heard of Chesterton until
14 years ago when my children studied with
Dr. George Grant.
I should lament !
GKC lamented " modernity's tendency to cease to
wonder at the world and to worship solely at the
arid altar of science , a mind-set that is centered
on materialism ~~
cold, implacable,and impersonal~ a mind-set
that could not, and could never, explain
why humans possess souls. " ( pg. 195 )

Chesterton wrote the most compact , clear
sentences of paradox. A quote from the
chapter on Orthodoxy : " Chesterton
described his style as the representation
of familar things from unsuspected angles,
under new lights of the imagination, that
we might see them with innocence of surprise."

My appetite increased as Belmonte wrote
chapter after chapter on each of Chesterton's

I highly recommend this book and most of
all the man himself's writings: Gilbert
Keith Chesterton.

" The man was paradox personified.
He thought about all things backwards
to reach their beginnings ,
to penetrate their truth. "

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