Monday, July 5, 2010

Giving Thanks in Summer

Ken in
Alaska in

We have had a gorgeous holiday weekend with
humidity down and clear skies. This
Monday I am cultivating gratitude.
It is one that stirs the mind. What are
you thankful for? You have to cultivate
gratitude , deep gratitude. It helps with
balance and gives hope.

I am thankful for my sister and her family
( minus her med. school son!) who came for
Brad's graduation from the Police Academy.
You know, family that gets up early , spends
several hours in the car to COME celebrate
this times with you. You know also when
it all works out with work, days , schedules.
But then to get up early and come.
We were blessed. Her son brought us some
beautiful photos blown up of Mt. McKinley.
He got to Alaska a week early and then spent
the rest of the time with Ken, Evan, and Gordan.
We are thankful . He's a good photographer.

I am thankful for the training my son had.
It was very hard: pepper spray, tazered, self
defense that included being in fights, test after
test BUT all to a very covenantal ceremony of
swearing on a Bible to uphold the US and State
Constitution. Those guys stick
together which is alot different than corporate life!

I am thankful for my youngest brother.
He is the baby of 8 children.
He takes care of this older sister.
Hip replacement in August.
Yes, the other hip.
The way the Lord is bringing healing
from osteoarthritis in that joint.

I am thankful for my neighbor who let
us pick blueberries, blackberries and
beans this morning. Abundance of
a crop means sharing.

I'm thankful for snow in June somewhere
in the world. Definitely in Alaska.

holy experience

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walking said...

Love the picture! I remember getting snow in Colorado in June too . . . someone told me that got two feet of snow one July and then the hot sun came out. Kids were running around in shorts, t-shirts, and snow boots.