Tuesday, March 10, 2009

William Merritt Chase

Isn't that a gorgeous painting!
We have a wonderful exhibit
coming to our city this coming
weekend from New Orleans:
Monet, Renoir, Degas, Cassatt,
O'Keefe, Picasso, Kandinsky,
John Singer Sargent, Miro,
....oh my, sigh. I've been teaching
my class about these artists. Even
a Pollack who splattered paint
and made a living from that! No
William Merritt Chase from my
headliner, but I love the green in
this painting and would love to
be there breathing the air of freshness
and hearing it too.
Reminds me of this Wendell Berry

Ask the world to reveal its quietude—
not the silence of machines when they are still,
but the true quiet by which birdsongs,
trees, bellows, snails, clouds, storms
become what they are, and are nothing else.


podso said...

Both the woman and the girl seem to be experiencing the quiet. Lovely, lovely picture. Makes you want to jump into it.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Yes, that is a gorgeous painting and I really had to look closely to determine it was not a photograph...the old-style clothing convinced me. But the pathway and the mossy rock wall look so lifelike!

Lucky you to get to see those wonderful works of art coming to town.

I also enjoyed your last post...it was very brief but your links led to fact-filled articles. Guess I should be grateful I live near Los Angeles, based on that Atlantic article!

I love this Wendell Berry poem...I must find some of his works. I keep hearing about him but have never read him. If you have any suggestions, please send me an email.

Thank you.


Linda said...

Beautiful painting.
Beautiful poem.