Monday, March 23, 2009

Beginning again in the garden

I can help some this year in the
garden after my hip replacement,
but not to plant or get the soil ready.
My dear husband is getting ready
to get the soil ready from the fall
which is piled with leaves and when
I looked this afternoon, very weedy!
A great article in the NY Times from
this blog . She writes about the soil:

So wait patiently for the chocolate cake stage.

Corn will be grown in this summer's
garden. Every few days my husband
thinks about growing corn in South
Dakota when he was 7. It must have
been full of delight for him. He seems
to get dreamy to reproduce it this


beth said...

Glad you're a little more mobile in the garden this year, Bonnie. Enjoy! My old gardening mentor used to talk about chocolate cake soil.

melissa said...

You sound so sweet (as always!). And the blog you link is so lovely. Thanks for sharing. :)

Linda said...

I was so delighted (so I have to share!) when I began preparing my beds for planting after their winter rest to see that they had reached the chocolate cake stage and were just chock full of earthworms! Yeah!!! Isn't it fun to be excited about dirt?!
May your hip only continue to improve as your garden!