Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hannah Coulter

I'm rereading Wendell Berry's book
Hannah Coulter . This afternoon I realized
how much of his worldview of the farm
and land is being lost along with the
disintigration of the family. Part of
his worldview is the world we've lost
in Modernity: Family, land , a belonging
to a place ( think Mitford) and perhaps
how we are dependent on each other.
Culture is changing so fast. Our lives are
so filled with schedules and activities.
So what do you do with your free time
that all of the fast technology is to
save us?

Today in class we read Why I don't Have
a Computer
and had an interesting
discussion among the 14- 18 year
olds in my class in which one said " This
sounds like a debate." We will read some
more essays and poems before the
semester ends. This is alongside
Amusing Ourselves to Death
by Neil Postman. Wonder if there will be
a shift in any of these student's worldview in
regard to technology. I'll let you know.
We're all to take a media fast during Spring Break.


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Linda said...

Ah, "Hannah Coulter"!
Ah, Wendell Berry!