Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cooking at Home

This is Susan Loomis' cookbook
along with Farmhouse Cookbook.
The latter was her trips to farms
in the US. Good , good recipes. I
made something out of both when
I got them from the library. She's fun
to read and inspiring in the kitchen.

"A good meal must be as harmonious
as a symphony,
and as well constructed as a Norman

Shades of Capon here in her writing:

(The Supper of the Lamb)

"If an hour can be spent on one onion,
think how much regarding it took
that old Russian who looked at onions
and church spires long enough to come
up with St. Basil's Cathedral."

Farmhouse Cookbook

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Linda said...

The onion quote is one of my very favorite quotes from "Supper of the Lamb".