Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Evening with Spurgeon

From yesterday "Evening" by Charles Spurgeon:
March 3rd.....

"Yet there is none of the hurry of the
earthly haste, for the wings of the dove
are as soft as they are swift.

"QUIETNESS" seems essential to many
spiritual operations; the Lord is in the
still small voice, and like the dew,
His grace is distilled in silence."


Mourning Dove...............one spotted in my backyard
since Spring has begun. I thought they were in pairs,
so I'm looking for his/her mate. A pair lived at
my mother's house for years and years.
It was very quiet there. Perhaps that's
why they liked it.


Nan said...

Did you take that picture?? It's excellent! We've had an odd number all winter. Five. I thought they were in pairs too, but maybe number six died, and the odd one just hangs out with the group now. Both Tom and I love these birds. Such a great color.

Bonnie said...

NO, photo off the net.
It is excellent.
My dove in the backyard is more
solid grey. I keep looking for the
mate. Maybe she's on the nest?


Nan said...

Bonnie, you know what happened when I clicked on the picture? Another view of the dove showed up, a preening dove. I added it to my iPhotos as a desktop photo and that's what we have on the computer screen right now. I do so love those birds. We had our uneven number again today.