Friday, December 30, 2016

the SIGH week between Christmas and New Year's

from themurmuring cottage

We are all thinking about the past year and the new year and soon to write 17 at the end of 20. This year ends with a tragic death in my sister's family. Her neice's husband had a sharp 
pain in his forehead on Christmas morning, volunteered to a call for a fire that afternoon, was up at 5:30 the next morning with his head about to explode. Blood on the brain. 
He was airlifted from Pinehurst to UNC and died Tuesday morning. Brain tumor. He had said on Christmas night ( my sister told me )  how busy the season had been as an asst. worship leader at his church. He loved to praise the Lord  and leaves his high school sweetheart wife who is almost 30 and two kids.

Makes you love more deeply.

You never know... and you also want to know they will be in the Presence of Jesus. 

Picking up my oldest brother this afternoon from Texas who already flew in Christmas Day but returned Tuesday so he could tie up end of the year To Dos plus had  another funeral.  
( Retired Am. Airlines) The tiny church in a small NC town will be overflowing with tears tomorrow morning. There will be no more tears in heaven but tomorrow's will produce a flood. 

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