Friday, July 29, 2016

good teaching on prayer

 I don't llke the title of the essay but it is very good teaching on prayer by 
Peter Leithart. This landed in my emails today and just reading it. 

What’s going on when we don’t get what we ask? It may be many things, but Jesus makes it clear that one thing is definitely not going on: This isnot God giving you stones for bread, a snake or scorpion instead of a fish. This is not God giving you the short end of the stick. This is not God keeping the door locked. He doesn’t do that. Ever, ever, ever. He gives good gifts to His children. Always, always, alwaysNothing but good.
God always gives you what you ask, or something even better.
Pray, and then start looking for answers. Faithful prayer leads to expectant living. Pray for the Spirit, and wait to see the Spirit work all around you. Faithful prayer leads to Spiritual living. Pray, and know that whatever God brings is exactly the fish and bread and eggs you need. Prayer in faith leads to thankful living. Pray that your Father would be with you, protect you, guide you, and put away timidity and fear and anxiety. Prayer leads to bold, fearless living.
This is your Father’s world. He has your back, He goes before you, He is the rock beneath you and your heavenly Father above. This is your Father’s world, and He has created this wide world is as a playground for His children.
So: Go pray; and go play.

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