Friday, February 26, 2016


Trying to find a book at the library that is a book: not an e-book, not an audio
book online to stream into my computer or phone = UGH.

So does this mean I am to buy all those books that I want to read or 
even look at to see if I want to read because the library is not about 
reading books but about technology?

Good article on G. K. Chesterton here.
I am very sure he has the  answer to this.
Very sure. 

Good day today with 12 middle school girls. We are winding up Emily Dickinson. 
We read  3 poems  for Spring, Summer, and Fall. Each  girl wrote their own poem 
akin to E.D.'s style or in another form. We didn't have time to read them out loud
but they begged to  after lunch  in a circle as the Mom's waited on them. 
A Delectable Education. 

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GretchenJoanna said...

How aggravating about the public library! More and more it does seem to cater to a certain segment of "public," and if we complain about the lack of books we will no doubt be condemned as Bookist.

Bonnie said...

Thanks Gretchen. Plus technology is transforming the library system. I love finding books on Gutenberg Press or too. Thankful for being able to read old books that way.

Heather said...

I've been learning to use our library's Suggest to Purchase feature. Books have to be recent publications, last three years or so. But most of my suggestions have been purchased. And my fellow Christian homeschooling moms in the area ask for a ton of Christian materials and they also get approvals quite regularly. But the old stuff is just hard to find sometimes and that's where the States have the advantage, cheap postal rates for used book buying.
Glad I'm in good company of real book lovers. :)
lovely letter, thank you so much, reply in the works