Sunday, August 16, 2015

doing this

This is the last* week before the last* goes off to college. 
We made a list tonight just to be sure we don't forget
anything. There are stores near every college.  I keep saying that to myself. This   last*  one is my only girl who grew up too fast. 

It was good to take communion today. Wine. This is not always the case but when you take wine, there is a deeper reminder of a meal. I am trying to memorize this phrase from the very last part of the sermon: " I am going to go to heaven." The  personal story was  what the friend said when times were bad. This is what he knew for sure. 
Good words, right?

Almost done with Elizabeth Goudge's Pilgrim's Inn for my book club at the end of the month. The story came back to me. I still feel " taken away" to the Herb of Grace. It has possessed me like it did it's new owners. 

*making sure you know she  is the last

Pretty cottages from kidstons cottage:


Image No.179_June29 by Haligonian Kimbits on Flickr.@kendrasmiles4u


French country cottage
   jojo 77  Flickr


podso said...

I am reading it with new eyes this second time. I'm glad "we" chose it! Thinking of you this week ...

melissa said...

Yes, you're in my heart as well. And sweet Emma has grown before my eyes...such a treasure, which will get richer and richer. She loves her momma.