Friday, December 6, 2013

What is a weekend?

I think we are getting back to our normal time . 
Getting up that is. The week has been a jump into 
my life. No day of rest until the Sabbath.
 It has gone well and now is the weekend. 
Advent Sunday #2.

Advent Sunday #1 was spent in London at the 
Candlelight Advent service at Westminster Abbey. 
4:00 pm. Dusk 4:30 pm. Completely dark. 
You couldn't take photos in the service.
The choir of young boys and men ,
the ones who sang at Prince William's 
wedding, lifted my heart up to the top of the high
ceiling.Very high. I was silenced by the beauty. 
I was stilled in my heart. God's presence.

This week I have been so deeply moved by these 
Advent devotions from Biola University here.
I can't wait to see the next day's painting, music, 
and reading. It has been a long time since this sort
of hunger for beauty has been kindled. Please take 
a look and read on each day. A feast awaits.


podso said...

Keep telling us your tales!

melissa said...

Oh Bonnie. Such sweetness. Thanks so much for sharing the Advent site.

melissa said...

Just finished listening to the song on Dec 3rd and cried and cried. Couldn't help myself...some of the notes are amazing. Just tears me up.

tonia said...

very high indeed. i am drooling inside.