Tuesday, February 19, 2013

the past week

Winter Sun, Lavacourt - Oscar-Claude Monet


1. It snowed.

2. One of my poetry students said the snow had a pink glow.

3. A dear friend's mother passed away.

4. Newlywed #3  son and his wife called on Friday  to come for the weekend. 
They live almost 5 hours away. COME ON. Over the mountains and through the woods...... 

5. Emma and I  went to see Les Miserable on the stage. 

6. We went to see Les Miserable in the movies. Yes, again. (5th time for me)
#3 son and his wife had not seen it. Another great excuse to go again!

7. We had already seen the last episode of Downtown Abbey Season 3.

8. It still makes us sad and mad.

9. We would love to go to NY to see Matthew on Broadway with Jessica
Chastain before the show THE HEIRESS closes at the end of the month.

10. That would be in the next 2 weeks. Not going to happen.

11. Maybe it is sold out and that would make me feel better.

12. Sun came out late this afternoon. Midwinter spring. 

 Claude Monet - Winter Sun, Lavacourt

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podso said...

Sounds like a full weekend and you included time for me ...