Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Almost driving!

Today is Emma's 15th birthday. Just back from a trip to 
IKEA and heading to the mall in a bit. We are spending the day together!

She is named for this character:

Here  she is: The Path Less Traveled that was entered into a photo contest for SCAD by a friend.Hannah took the photo in the fall on our street.

Happy 15th!
Halfway done with Driver's Ed for your learner's permit. 


melissa said...

She looks so classy in the photo, you're little girl. :) Glad you've had the day together.

Happy 15th birthday, sweet one.

beth said...

Happy birthday, a day late, to Emma! Love the picture and so thankful for your precious daughter.

Bonnie said...

Thanks to both of you!
She is a sweet one on the bottom of the pile of brothers!

walking said...

Happy birthday, Emma!!!!!!!!!!!!

debbie bailey said...

Really cute image!