Monday, March 12, 2012

Being Accomplished

Monday's Gratitude:

Many, many numbers on my TO DO list were scratched through: 
Narrations graded. 
Tests printed off for tomorrow. 
 A student's recommendation letter.
Tax information with my husband done.  
A walk. 
Son on Spring Break got the grass cut.
 It smells like summer! 

I am doing LETTERS to HOME to the Brooklyn Art Museum. I  lost the information that came in the mail. 
Alas, an email answered  to see the word RULES. 
So thankful that the size is 5x7 instead of 8x11. 

I can do that. 
Very well. 

I have lots to say to my childhood home on Long Island, NY that housed 8 children , 2 parents, a dog , 
and had a swimming pool and tennis court. I walked to church. I walked "downtown" to get candy in the summers for campouts in our backyard.  We played in the acres, climbing the trees, making houses from the fallen leaves, and sledding down the iced hills.  I walked to primary and elementary school. The high school was 7th -12th. I took a bus that stopped right at the road in front of my house. For one year. 
Then, my parents divorced and I moved south.

Culture shock in 1968.

 I have 5x7 inches to say something to that house!

Newlyweds are back ~~ and back to work tomorrow.

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podso said...

You r getting things done! And I would love to read to read it!