Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I loved to be inspired.
I am listening to a new
sound: Bison.

Group is from VA.
Playing at IAM next
Friday night
in NYC.

Not closeby.
Great words.
Celtic, folk, classical.
Makes me smile.
Clap my hands.
Thinking some sons would
like the sound.
Thinking how beautiful
is music.
It's different.
Sounds a bit European.
Not American.
Definitely not what's on
mainline radio these days.
Doesn't that say alot for
just listening to them tonight!

1 comment:

Amber Benton said...

I just finished reading Goudge's Herb of Grace book - with the deer who is the image of Christ. This Bison song reminded me of that deer - especially with the setting of the table which is a prominent theme in this book...